Screen recorder - Kazam

David Klasinc bigwhale at
Sat Dec 31 19:23:01 UTC 2011


Recently I picked up Kazam Screencaster. I needed to record something
and noticed that Kazam is not working and has some dependency issues in
Oneiric. After trying out few other solutions none of them really suited
me. Around Christmas I started working on Kazam and made some
improvements while solving those dependency problems.

Andrew Higginson stopped working on the project and made me a member of
Kazam team on Launchpad so I can take over from here.

Right now most of the development is done in my PPA until I get things
stable enough and merge them in the stable branch of the project.

(yes, the typo should be there :/)

Quick rundown of changes that I made:

- Default backend is now gstreamer.
- Video is encoded with vp8 instead of x264.
- Audio is encoded with Ogg Vorbis.
- Audio/Video container is now WebM.
- Package dependencies revised to include only essential packages.
- Basic Pulseaudio support.
- Independent audio input device selection
- Volume setting slider in the works
- The path to multiple source recording is now open. Next release should
support recoding audio on two channels (application sounds and
voice-over commentary, for example).

Currently Kazam is still GTK2 and I'd like few pointers on what needs to
be done if I want Kazam to be included in the Ubuntu repositories for
Precise Pangolin. And if I missed the mailing list, someone please kick
me in the right direction. :)

(more detailed explanation on my changes and future plans are posted on
my blog: )

So much for now and a Happy 2021 to everyone!


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