Call for contributors

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Dec 15 11:33:22 UTC 2011

Hi everybody,

While the desktop team usually do a great job at maintaining the desktop 
set we know that things are not perfect and that we could do a lot 
better with some extra hands, so if you feel like joining us to work on 
something you are interested in or feels like could be in a better shape 
please do ;-)

We do welcome everybody to join and participate: package maintainers, 
hackers (on softwares or tools), documentation writers, bug triagers, 
tester, etc.

Some examples of packages that could use some work:
- the default set, some applications, bindings, etc are less well 
maintained than others
- the GNOME fallback desktop
- the GNOME session, it would be really cool if a team stepped up to 
maintain a derivative iso with gnome-shell by default

or lot of things which don't really have a maintainer in Ubuntu
- the gimp stack (do we want to update babl and gegl for the lts? 
launchpad has requests for that since new version seem required to build 
new gimp series)
- the gda stack (glom as well)
- vala (the vala-team seems to be looking for somebody to maintain 
unstable serie versions and backports in their ppa)
- libproxy
- lot of popular softwares: tomboy, pitivi, <software you use and would 
be interested to work on>

Usually what is needed for packaging is: updating to current version, 
merging on Debian once a cycle or so, fixing bugs if you can.

Non packaging contributions are also welcome:
- bug triage
- testing
- improve the documentation (wiki)
- improve the tools the team is using for i.e track updates
- <whatever else you think needs to be done>

So feel free to join the team or ask questions if you have any, you can 
usually find people on this list or on the #ubuntu-desktop IRC channel

Sebastien Bacher

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