Software Centre not starting in 12.04 Alpha 1

Chris Wilson afrowildo at
Mon Dec 12 20:47:46 UTC 2011

Hi Martin,

On 12 Dec 2011, at 13:12, Martin Pitt wrote:

> Hello Chris,
> Chris Wilson [2011-12-12 13:08 +0000]:
>> I was just wondering if the Software Centre is supposed to not be
>> starting in 12.04 Alpha 1, or if there's something wrong with my
>> system.
> It's not known, or even meant to be broken. Do you get an apport crash
> report for it? If so, can you please file it?
> If not, what is the output if you start "software-center" in a
> terminal?

Thanks a lot for your reply. I've fixed the issue myself. It turns out I only need to reboot my computer. Before that it was segfaulting on some Dbus connection.

Thanks anyway,

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