Nux and Unity (with Unity Core) now respectively reaches 2.0 and 5.0!

Didier Roche didrocks at
Tue Dec 6 12:03:53 UTC 2011

Hey guys,
(Sorry for the cross-posting, but I think this will interest people on 
both lists)

Just a quick note that now the version are bumped in trunk. The 
autolanding system I previously presented 
built them both and the packages are available right now building in the 
unity-team staging ppa (and will be moved 
later on the ppa once autopilot bits are plugged in). Juts to be clear: 
this is just an internal bump, this is *not* a release. :)

Also, we changed with Jay the way Nux and the packaging handle its ABI. 
Nux, being under heavy development, doesn't bump the ABI at each ABI 
break as there are regularly breakage. As right now, we just have two 
consumers (unity and unity-2d), we can have a graceful way to handle it. 
The idea I discussed with Jay was to steal what compiz does. 
Consequently, right now, Nux defines an ABI date in 
(m4_define([nux_abi_version], [20111205])), that we pick up in the 
packaging to provide a virtual package containing the abi_version 
string. Then, once unity is built, we pick this version and makes unity 
depending on it.

We don't have a dependency issue as the autolanding system merges every 
nux branches before starting to build the unity ones (the other 
components though, are merged in and built in parallel, we just depend 
the merge order on package dependencies, like libunity, dee), and so, 
same in the ppa.

In a nutshell, if you need to break the Nux ABI, just bump the 
nux_abi_version value in to the current date and all the 
rest will be taken in charge for you. :)

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