Featured Apps for Maverick

Jorge O. Castro jorge at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 7 22:33:14 BST 2010

Hi everyone,

I made the mistake of asking "What's up with featured apps for
Maverick?" today. Ends up, no updates planned, so I got conned into
doing it. Here's the list for Maverick:


Please refer to the list of applications from last time (linked on the
wiki page) so we don't go through the same process if something is a
duplicate of existing functionality, mpt the original spec mentions
that we shouldn't go over 22 applications because we only have 4
"pages" in "Featured". Does the software-center scale up in this
regard? Or is it a design feature to not have too many apps in there?

Also, we need to figure out if we want to swap out games, etc. every
cycle, or just add more each cycle? I think it would be cool to add
fresh new apps and games every cycle, but at the same time we want to
keep awesome apps like inkscape/gimp up there. Thoughts on this?

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.
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