Application for ubuntu-desktop

Michael Terry michael.terry at
Tue Nov 23 13:59:58 GMT 2010

Thanks, Micah, for catching that I hadn't gone through the
ubuntu-desktop application process!

I would like to be considered for membership in the ubuntu-desktop team.

* I've been a MOTU for about a year now.
* I'm also a member of the MIR team.
* I'm one of the new-fangled patch pilots to help get patches reviewed
in a timely fashion.
* I maintain a couple applications in universe (deja-dup and duplicity).
* I've done lots of packaging work, both in a volunteer capacity and as
an employee of the Canonical OEM Services engineering team.
* Most recently, I've been helping with the GNOME3 transition, porting
libraries and applications to gtk3 and changing packaging to build both
a gtk2 and gtk3 versions of libraries.


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