Ubuntu Desktop weekly meetings

Rodrigo Moya rodrigo.moya at canonical.com
Mon Nov 22 11:02:12 GMT 2010

On Thu, 2010-11-18 at 10:50 +1100, Robert Ancell wrote:
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> Today in the Eastern Edition of the Desktop meeting we discussed the
> structure and purpose of the weekly Desktop meetings.  I'll try and
> summarise some of the points raised and propose some ideas.
> While the current meetings are working well, some of the challenges
> raised were:
>  * Participants being split across timezones
>  * Most participants work in different domains so traditional meeting
> structure may not be appropriate
>  * The team is growing
>  * How useful is the meeting summary? [1]
> I propose we more tightly define what the meeting purpose is, such as:
>  * The meeting scope is the Ubuntu Desktop product
>  * The purpose of the meeting is to share information about
> progress/issues
>  * The meetings are open to everyone in the community
>  * The meetings should not take significant time
>  * There will be more than one meeting so participants from around the
> world can join in
>  * The output of the meetings will be a wiki page summarising the
> weekly progress:
>     * Actions to be taken
>     * New work completed
>     * Issues raised
> The summary should be useful to the following people:
>  * Ubuntu Desktop team members
>  * Potential Desktop team members who want to know what is going on /
> look for areas where they can contribute
>  * Media (e.g. OMG Ubuntu) who want an official record of what is
> going on in the Desktop product
it would probably also be useful to send the summary to the list (or a
link to the wiki), so that anyone subscribed knows what's going on

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