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patrick flaherty patf at
Tue Jun 29 19:15:43 BST 2010


As a would-be open source contributor (programmer) I've been told, and 
have read, that I should start with packaging.  I'm running Kubuntu 10.04.

In the Ubuntu packing instructions documentation they used brasero 
(burning CDs, etc) for one example and I find here

that the brasero developers seem to be asking for someone to package the 
latest, 2.30.2, version of brasero.

I've downloaded the correct source and, with a number of problems, 
succeeded in doing a *debuild*.  I've encountered more problems when 
trying to do *sudo pbuilder build brasero_2.30.2-1ubuntu1.dsc* some of 
which I've solved but I'm stuck on the latest one.

Is this where I ask questions on detailed packaging errors?

thanx - pat

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