Status of Speech Dispatcher package

Boris Dusek dusek at
Wed Jul 14 11:58:59 BST 2010


is anyone planning to package new releases of Speech Dispatcher (0.7 was
released recently)? I suppose the current packager (Luke Yelavich) has
no interest to continue to do so based on what he has proposed [1], so on
behalf of Brailcom, o.p.s., I announce that I will take care of packaging
current (0.7) and future releases of Speech dispatcher for future Ubuntu
releases, starting with Maverick (10.10).

I am already in the process of packaging Speech Dispatcher 0.7 for
Maverick. Our employee, Milan Zamazal, is already the maintainer of the
Speech Dispatcher package in Debian [2], so it will not be hard for us to
maintain the Ubuntu package.

Best regards,
Boris Dusek
Brailcom, o.p.s.


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