Nothing happens when pressing CD tray eject button

Mikko Ohtamaa mikko at
Sat Jan 30 07:35:18 GMT 2010


Today I stopped thinking why nothing happens when you press the
(physical) eject key of CD tray (Karmic Koala)

1. Physical CD eject button does nothing - no feedback. Actually I
thought my eject button was broken.

2. However, Nautilus can eject CD just fine if I press Eject in Nautilus

Because of (2) there must be no reason why eject by physical button
could not be the same as eject by Nautilus.

What is the project this kind of bug belongs to? I think this falls to
gray area where one should actually catch CD eject button press in
somewhere and have handler in Nautilus for it. Also, do you think this
should be nominated to a papercut?

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