Desktop Team 20100119 meeting minutes

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at
Wed Jan 20 00:35:30 GMT 2010

Here are the minutes from the desktop team meeting. You can also find
them, the activity reports, and the irc log here:

== Present ==
=== Main Meeting ===
 * Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
 * Alberto Milone (tseliot)
 * Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)
 * Bryce Harrington (bryce)
 * Chris Cheney (ccheney)
 * Didier Roche (didrocks)
 * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
 * Ken VanDine (kenvandine)
 * Martin Pitt (pitti)
 * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
 * Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

=== Eastern Edition ===
 * Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)
 * Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

== Apologies ==

== Agenda ==
 * Outstanding actions from last meeting
 * Partner Update
 * Kubuntu Update
 * X Update
 * Mozilla Update
 * Desktop Start Time
 * Release Bugs/Release Status
 * Audio Update (Eastern Edition)
 * Review activity reports
 * Any other business

=== Discussion ===
== Partner Update ==
 * Online Services:
   * Ubuntu One Music store is progressing, expected to land in alpha-3
   * An early version of the rhythmbox plugin taking shape, more to come
   * libubuntuone, the gtk widgets for ubuntu one will be ready for
lucid soon, this includes the music store and contact picker gtk
 * DX:
   * [[hDesktopExperienceTeam/LucidWeeklyReleases|Weekly Releases]].
== Kubuntu Update ==
 * alpha 2 done and in reasonable shape
 * KDE SC 4.4 RC 2 coming today
 * semantic desktop still blocked on virtuoso, kees promises soon
 * kubuntu-notifications-helper now on the CD

== X Update ==
 * The diversions -> alternatives change was bumpy but seems to be
working well now.
 * Our signal rethrowing patch for apport seems to be the cause of
recent xorg-server crashes.  We've disabled it for now.
 * Question from Intel: Lucid is still using 2.9.1. Intel already
released 2.10 in 09Q4. Does Ubuntu plan to upgrade -intel 2.10 in Lucid?
Yes, it is on todo list.
 * Intel graphics is having a lot of instability issues due to some
recent power saving changes to their code. This results in weird
flickering and then screen blanking after a resume/suspend. Turning off
the power saving feature restores stability. rickspencer3 to follow up
with Intel to ensure it is on their radar.

== Mozilla Update ==
 * libsoup2.4 working mostly working, except for one error that has not
been tracked down.
 * The porting project was expected to be further along by this point.
ccheney following up with asac to see if contractor resources can be
deployed to help move porting along faster.

== Release Status ==
 * RC bugs seem under control
 * No work items have been set to done in the last 5 days

== Desktop Start Time ==
 * rickspencer3 is concerned that speed improvements have flat-lined.
 * seb128 to produce detailed profiling chart of gnome-panel start time
be eow
 * didrocks to take over some gnome packaging to make more bandwidth for
 * rickspencer3 has requested that OEM team free robert_ancell for one
to work on gnome-panel start time

== Audio Update ==
 * "crack of the day" alsa-driver packages being in the ubuntu-audio-dev
PPA now
 * new bugfix snapshot of pulseaudio now in lucid bugfixes since 0.9.21
(contributed by crimsun)
== Activity reports ==
=== Alberto Milone (tseliot) ===
Blueprint work:
 * desktop-lucid-xorg-proprietary-drivers:
   * Further clean-up of nvidia-$flavours and mesa and increased
robustness of the alternatives system.
   * LP: #432172: further work to be compliant with the behaviour of
libvdpau, as described by Nvidia
   * LP: #506547 Some GL apps won't run:
   * Fixed issue about missing and in
   * Working on ia32-libs (currently half broken) so that it can be
updated (LP: #506437) and adapted to the new alternatives system (LP:
   * Bug fixing for the Alternatives class in nvidia-common.
   * Completed the release notes for Alpha 2 about Jockey and drivers in
=== Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje) ===
Blueprint work:
 * community-lucid-community-participation-in-coordinating-translations:
  * Documenting language-pack generation process:

Other work:
 * Fixing upstream Mozilla translations, so that they get imported into
Launchpad without problems
 * Langpack-o-matic got moved to another server; did a test run to test
if everything is still working like it should

=== Bryce Harrington (bryce) ===
 * US Holiday: MLK B-Day Jan 18
 * Triage recent xorg-server crashes
   * Is my rethrow-signals patch working?
   * Review ubuntu patches that touch os/log.c - 100 and 160 in
   * Disable apport for xorg-server, since the enablement patch is
causing widespread X crashes
   * Fix crash logging into guest session on lucid
 * high karma report:  Exclude multiple X bugtasks against same bug
 * Install alpha-2 on 2 test systems
 * Investigate miro build failure
 * Miro bug triage: Request retest for old crash bugs
 * Wayland
   * Determine what version of mesa needed
   * Request a real PPA kernel for wayland testing
   * Re-test packages with the new kernel
 * Pull in the script from gtg/scripts to
 * Reviewed patch report mockups with kfogel (bug #506018)
 * Create python class that provides access to relevant data from the
log file
 * Learn how to make gtg plugins
 * pull jcristau's config_init patch for xorg-server
 * Create gtg plugin to import Canonical Work Items from pitti's tool
via json

=== Chris Cheney (ccheney) ===
 * National Holiday - Jan 18
 * Continued to work on libsoup2.4
 * 1:3.1.1~rc2-1ubuntu1 prepared, will be uploaded after
 * 1:3.1.1~rc2-1ubuntu1 prepared, will be uploaded
after meeting.

=== Didier Roche (didrocks ===
∘ create some packaged new UNE related components
∘ Created UNE gconf configuration to be side by side with desktop
session configuration
∘ Created USB stick ISO for UNE
∘ edit ubuntu-netbook seed for new default application (not yet pushed
into ubuntu)
Mutter: fix bug #506944 (don't show ws selector when you only have one
ws). submitted upstream
gdm: little change on default session and submitted upstream
zoho: reviewed it (cf meeting?)

=== Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) ===
 * alpha 2 testing, fixing and release
 * working with upstream Plasma dev so initial setup and upgrade
scripting is complete
 * simplify virtuoso package a bit
 * Add back kubuntu menu icon to kubuntu-default-settings
 * Testing nepomuk and adding it to default settings
 * start packaging new SIP/PyQt
 * recorded podcast with freshubuntu
 * checked and uploaded fix for consolekit

=== Ken VanDine (kenvandine) ===
 * cleaned-up empathy patches, submited what we can upstream
   * split out part of the indicator patch that can go upstream
 * Reverted libappindicator patch in tomboy for lucid, still maintaining
it in a ppa
 * Fixes for libappindicator support in rhythmbox
 * Accounts UI work for Gwibber
 * gwibber desktopcouch backend work
 * Empathy papercut, raise contacts list when the user manually launches
 * new version of libubuntuone in the u1music ppa

=== Luke Yelavich (TheMuso) ===
=== Accessibility ===
 * Uploaded latest upstrea version of onboard to lucid
 * Patch review of speech-dispatcher audio improvements, still haven't
yet got into lucid to do thorough testing.

=== Audio ===
 * Audio bug triaging, bugs in question are against pulseaudio, alsa
userspace, and the kernel for hardware enablement.
 * Wrote final mac mini 3,1 hardware enablement patch. Should work, but
needs testing. Have had some users contact me about the work, so can
hopefully give them something to test in the next few days.
 * For a small amount of time when running lucid, was able to reproduce
the 5.1 annoyances users are reporting with pulseaudio in karmic. I need
to try some other test parameters/configurations, to be sure it is still
a problem.
 * Uploaded rtkit 0.5, which was promptly followed by Daniel Chen
uploading rtkit 0.6.
 * Involved in discussions about pulseaudio, and console screen
reading/speech output, since some vocal blind linux community members
are badgering me about it.

=== Misc ===
 * Alpha 2 testing.
 * Still get random resets in lucid. I need to spend a day finding what
the problem is.
=== Martin Pitt (pitti) ===
Assigned blueprints:
 * desktop-lucid-likewise-open-migration: implemented
 * desktop-lucid-jockey-hotplug-support: implemented
 * desktop-lucid-powermanagement-tweaks: implemented
 * desktop-lucid-suspend-quirks-halsectomy (beta available): needs
 * desktop-lucid-xorg-halsectomy: no progress this week; needs new wacom
driver (Bryce's WI)

Non-blueprint work done:
 * Attended Ubuntu Netbook Sprint/Induction of Didier Roche
 * General email/MIR/SRU catch-up after sprint
 * Applied for and got GNOME git commit access
 * Bug fixing: gdm
 * A day worth of work item tracker improvements

=== Robert Ancell (robert_ancell) ===

 * Finally get GDM to automatically select user when switching
 * Add C# binding to launchpad integration (for F-Spot, GBrainy etc).

=== Sebastien Bacher (seb128) ===
 * desktop updates: evince cheese file-roller gtksourceview eog gedit
cheese gnome-utils gnome-applets gnome-panel libgnomekbd
 * joined the UNE sprint for 2 days, get UNE installed on my mini,
learnt some details about it, did some bootcharting and bug fixed and
had some interesting discussions
 * spent some hours trying to debug xorg crashing on user switch and
flickers on the mini after suspend without real success
 * sponsored launchpad-integration changes and fixed some bugs while
working on it
 * working on nautilus change to use the new application indicator
 * turned off notify-osd debugging in lucid
 * trying to fix gjs issues to get gnome-shell to build
 * change evolution to not install gnome-pilot by default
 * updated pygame 
 * backported gtk change to fix a gnome-panel crash due to csw
 * uploaded gio change for une
 * updated pidgin version

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