Karmic - gthumb stole default file viewer

Ed Greenberg edg at greenberg.org
Tue Jan 19 15:13:46 GMT 2010

Hi Folks,

Running Karmic Koala I installed gthumb and gthumb-data, and experienced 
an anomoly where all file folders launched are now launched in gthumb. 
In other words, when I pull down "Places", and select any of the choices 
therein, I get gthumb, rather than Nautilus. 

Removing gthumb resolves the problem, but I _like_ gthumb!

(I'm not trying to cause a religious war of gthumb vs f-spot, so please 
go there. )

Where and how can I fix this so that after re-installing gthumb, I can 
set the default association for folders back to Nautilus.

Ed Greenberg
Los Angeles CA

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