Desktop Team 20100209 meeting minutes

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at
Tue Feb 9 22:22:50 GMT 2010

Here are the minutes from the desktop team meeting. You can also find
them, the activity reports, and the irc log here:

= Meeting Minutes =
== Present ==
=== Main Meeting ===
 * Martin Pitt (pitti) - chair
 * Alberto Milone (tseliot)
 * Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)
 * Bryce Harrington (bryce)
 * Chris Cheney (ccheney)
 * Didier Roche (didrocks)
 * Ken VanDine (kenvandine)
 * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

=== Eastern Edition ===
 * Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

== Apologies ==
 * Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)  
 * Rick Spencer (rickspencer3)
 * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)

== Agenda ==
 * Outstanding actions from last meeting
 * Partner Update
 * Kubuntu Update
 * Release Bugs/Release Status
 * pitivi
 * Post A3 Mindset
 * Review activity reports
 * Any other business

== Actions from this meeting ==

 * Martin to review post-alpha 3 desktop team blueprints and discuss
with Rick and Robbie what to drop
 * Martin to discuss remaining two WIs for
UbuntuSpec:desktop-lucid-compiz-effects with Rick
 * Bryce to BP/WIify new work assigned on the sprint
 * Alberto to add missing alpha-3 WIs to

== Outstanding actions from last meeting ==


== Partner Update ==

 * Online Services:
   * libubuntuone, the gtk widgets will get uploaded to lucid this week
     - dependency for rhythmbox music store plugin and the new U1 config
   * rhythmbox plugin should follow closely behind libubuntuone, but I
expect next week.
   * U1 config tool, which replaces the current applet, is still on
track to land before feature freeze.
 * DX:
   * [[DesktopExperienceTeam/LucidWeeklyReleases|Weekly Releases]].
   * MeMenu landed in Lucid (with gwibber integration)
   * Large churn in indicator/dbusmenu packages last week, there are
known bugs but please don't hesitate to file new ones.  We need to
smooth this out ASAP.
   * ido (Indicator Disaplay Objects) was uploaded last week, this
contains the extra gtk widgets needed by indicators. Currently used for
Gwibber integration in the MeMenu and indicator-sound (also due to
upload this week).

== Release Status ==

 * We revisited, since we are slightly over the trend line:
  * Bryce got some additional work at the sprint, will add WIs
  * UbuntuSpec:desktop-lucid-startup-speed: We can't have Robert, drop
gnome-panel speed up
  * UbuntuSpec:desktop-lucid-xorg-triaging-diagnosis: targets of
opportunity, but will benefit and ease triaging work in the long
run; potentially deferrable/droppable
  * UbuntuSpec:desktop-lucid-social-from-the-start: Potentially
droppable, targets of opportunity
  * UbuntuSpec:desktop-lucid-xorg-proprietary-drivers: Some are done
now, Alberto to update WI status; he might need help with those for
  * UbuntuSpec:desktop-lucid-compiz-effects: Remaining two are a lot of
work, and highly questionable; should be dropped, but Martin to
confirm/discuss with Rick

== pitivi ==
 * please help as you can with bug triaging/fixing
 * Pedro will organize a [bh]ug day
 * since we'll be concentrating on bug fixes, it's not very likely that
we can keep this in the default install for lucid; however, revisiting
this is a beta-1 work item, so we did not discuss it further in the

== Post A3 Mindset ==
 * switch from feature work to quality work
 * Find and fix the worst bugs
 * Focus on upgrade experience, LTS -> LTS, Karmic -> Lucid

== Other Business ==


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