Desktop annoyance #3: Desktop Applets frequently break during login

David A. Cobb superbiskit at
Fri Feb 5 16:13:43 GMT 2010

  If I don't wait a LONG TIME ( maybe 20 Minutes ) with the GDM login 
screen displayed, before trying to login, there is a very high 
probability I will get several "Error: There was a problem loading Gnome 
Applet __ whatever. Delete [ ], or Don't Delete [ ]." boxes.

Pretty consistently, if I immediately log OUT, then log back in, the 
same things will load without problems.

The other "annoyances" are plausibly "just" resource shortages.  This 
one smells more like a race condition when gnome-panel is trying to 
start its applets.

David A. Cobb -- computing t-rex

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