software-center and remove vs. purge

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Dec 7 14:27:30 GMT 2010

On mar., 2010-12-07 at 10:13 +0100, Michael Vogt wrote:
> computer-janitor. For software-center I would like to add a option
> (File/Remove with configuration). A alternative solution would be to
> make purge the default and have a option "File/Remove but preserve the
> configuration). What do you think about what the default should be? 

Hey Michael,

Being on the safe side by default seems to make sense, the issue then
would be to clean the configuration of things you removed later on. I'm
not sure the menu items are the best way because they are easy to miss
and you not have an obvious way to get back to them. 

What about having a "uninstalled but with configuration left" category?
It might not be useful enough to be a s-c category though, so what about
having a menu entry "clean configuration for uninstall package" which
would run the computer-janitor for you to do this task in this case

Sebastien Bacher

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