Call for testing, Gwibber (Lucid and Maverick)

Ken VanDine ken.vandine at
Tue Aug 31 21:31:21 BST 2010

Today is the day affectionately known as "Twitter's OAuthpocalypse".
Twitter is shutting down basic auth completely, which Gwibber has relied
on.  So after today Twitter will cease to work for anyone that hasn't
updated to the OAuth enabled version of Gwibber.  I have uploaded
packages for both Maverick and Lucid to the ~ubuntu-desktop PPA for
testing.  We need to get an SRU out pretty quickly for Lucid.  

Any testing would be greatly appreciated, please provide feedback on
this list.

Make sure you restart gwibber-service, you should be prompted to
authorize Twitter.

Ken VanDine
Ubuntu Desktop Integration Engineer
Cannonical, Ltd.

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