Status update for the maverick applications selection

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Wed Aug 25 14:19:23 BST 2010


The desktop team has been revisiting the applications selection changes
discussed at UDS, this email has a summary of the changes which have
done or delayed to next cycle

The corresponding blueprints:

* Chromium on UNE

It was decided at UDS to consider Chromium to be default on UNE or at
default to be in main starting this cycle. It has been decided some
weeks ago to not use by default for maverick, Jorge has sent a status
update about that on the list recently. Chris has started a discussion
on the technical board list about how to do chromium security update.
Since that question is not solved yet and we didn't find the resources
to work out how translations update could work for it we decide to let
chromium in universe for this cycle. We will keep investigating how we
can support it properly in main for next cycle though

* Shotwell on UNE and maybe Desktop

It was decided at UDS to replace f-spot by shotwell on UNE and to
consider the change for desktop. The feedback we got this cycle was
rather encouraging and we decided to change the default in the desktop
edition as well. f-spot will still be updated and maintained in Ubuntu
but the default now is shotwell on UNE and Desktop

* Banshee by default on UNE

It was decided to use banshee by default on UNE this cycle. Didier
worked on the required change but the promotion is still blocker by the
switch to udev which didn't land yet. That should be in an upstream
tarball next week. We would normally postpone that change to next cycle
on the desktop but we have a bit of extra flexibility on UNE so we will
still try to get that change in next week when Didier is back.

Sebastien Bacher
Ubuntu Desktop Team

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