Congrats on karmic, looking forward lucid

Bryan Quigley gquigs at
Fri Nov 6 10:48:03 GMT 2009

On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 3:08 AM, Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at> wrote:
> Le jeudi 05 novembre 2009 à 23:37 +0530, Bryan Quigley a écrit :
>> Empathy is much more limiting than I initially thought, and far less
>> useful than promised. Maybe when telepathy is actually used by
>> anything else it will become useful
> Hi,
> Could you give some details on that statement? It should allow to use
> the same protocols, send files on standard ones and do video calls,
> which other feature should we work on next cycle?

Sure thing.

"more limiting":
  -specifically you can't connect to Google Apps, because the option
Domain don't appear in empathy - or.. I am still looking for the
  -no plugins... (never really realized how many I used until I tried empathy)
  -more generally, so many fewer options everywhere, many have
complained how few options pidgin has, empathy takes this too far

  -pidgin is used by many people and on many other platforms and many
guides exist for setting it up

"Less than promised":
I think I just misunderstood, but I assumed that over any protocol
(especially open ones) between two empathys (of the same version) I
would be able to have voice/video/remote desktop.
To be fair pidgin has the same issue.

Specifically I assumed that when "Seeing users nearby" I could use
remote desktop.

"When telepathy is actually used":
At least one game/app of some sort allowing collaboration through
every protocol telepathy supports would have been an awesome demo, and
it would have made everyone understand why it's worthwhile.

Hope that helped,

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