Lucid is open, let's clean our changes

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Wed Nov 4 12:56:02 GMT 2009

Hey everybody,

Lucid is open new, while it's still early to upgrade now is a good time
to clean the changes we have in our desktop packages, merge on the
current debian version, send patches upstream and to debian when those
would be useful there and tag those on the way. There is quite some work
to do and everybody is welcome to join.

The list we use as a todolist is

Some notes:
- click on "Open bug..." and open a workflow bug when you start on
something so we don't duplicate work
- the list is updated twice an hour so check for open bugs before
starting, that will avoid having 2 people start on the same task because
the half an hour refresh let some margin for that
- read it's useful since many
desktop components having their debian directory in bzr now
- instructions about tagging are on
- we do use the current debian unstable version to rebase the changes,
GNOME is maintained actively in ubuntu and there is no need to default
to debian testing version there
- no need to do anything for packages where the ubuntu version is a
debian version already those will be autosynced
- you can ask question on #ubuntu-desktop
- subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors or ubuntu-universe-sponsors when you
are done with your work and need a review or upload
- we will focus on cleaning changes before starting on GNOME 2.29, if
you are interested in doing a 2.29 update in lucid and be responsive to
tracking feedbacks, bugs you can though, do it for components you think
it would be interesting to get testing

Thanks for reading this email and joining us there!

Sebastien Bacher

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