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Tim Zakharov tzakharov at
Wed May 20 05:24:56 BST 2009

On Tue, 2009-05-19 at 22:12 -0500, Kevin Stagg wrote:
> I have an old HP Pavillion ze5200 (512MB RAM - Pentium 4) with Windows
> XP wasting space in my office. I set up a virtual server on my home
> machine for the latest Ubuntu OS and am loving it. So I'm thinking I
> want to reformat the HP, wiping it clean, and then install Ubuntu as
> the new OS on said laptop.
> Anybody know of any good tutorials on how I can accomplish this? Is it
> pretty straightforward? Do I just copy the latest Ubuntu .iso onto a
> CDROM and let it run on the HP and it will walk me through the
> process, giving me a clean reformatted pc as well?
> I apologize in advance if this isn't the right forum for this type of
> question.
> Many thanks,
> Kevin
It is pretty straightforward.  You pretty much described it to a tee.  I
always use the alternate install CD as it is quicker to install than the
live CD, but in your case you might want to try the live Cd first to
make sure your hardware is compatible with the OS.

One thing, you don't just copy the .iso to a CD, you must burn the .iso
image to disc.  It is a different process from just copying the .iso
file.  Your CD burning software should have an option called "Burn .iso
image" or something to that effect.  

When you get to the partitioner, you could just leave it on automatic
settings and it will partition for you. I can't recall how it handles
wiping out the old XP install, but if need be, you could manually do
that and then let the installer do an automatic installation.  For more
info, see this page and the various links on it:

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