Urgency-display-bar in notify-osd

David Barth david.barth at canonical.com
Tue May 12 11:43:48 BST 2009

Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Mirco Müller wrote:
>> 	According to the wish/request for urgency-display in the bubble I've
>> patched notify-osd trunk (and put the result in a different non-trunk
>> branch) to provide just that.
> Rather than having a separate PPA for this, can we add a --debug config
> option, or something similar, which displays the urgency? That way the
> platform team can turn this on in Karmic, where we can actually easily
> change apps. So everyone running Karmic will see these. When Karmic goes
> into beta, we could turn off the debug behaviour.
There is already a debug mode, switched on by an environment variable 
(DEBUG=<anything except 0> /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osd).

Mirco: can you reuse that to activate the urgency markers?


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