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Emilio Santos xkp.santos at gmail.com
Wed May 6 19:21:40 BST 2009


My name is Emilio Santos and I'm an open source developer (game programmer
for a living). I've been writing an application development platform (called
xkp) for many years and I make the case of why such technology could push
open source desktops over the top here:


I'm looking for support for the project and while I'm not sure this is the
best forum for it, it was the best I could find trying to contact Ubuntu.
All the information regarding the project (including a demo and lots of
documentation) can be found here:


I don't want to bore you with details since everything can be found in the
links above, but the skinny is xkp let developers create even complex
applications with very little effort. This applications are written in xml
and xs (a javascript-like) language created for the platform. For instance,
an xs debugger is one the documented samples and it is done in about 100
lines of code. See it here:


Like I said, I don't know if this is the right forum but hopefully someone
can take a look at the technology and hopefully provide some (any) support.
I would love to create a linux desktop where everything from the desktop up
is done in soft code. It is not too difficult but I just can't do it by
myself :)

Please don't ignore me, half the industry has already done that.

Best Regards,
Emilio Santos
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