3Gb ram being reported as 1.9Gb

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Olá Nishith e a todos.

On Sunday 29 March 2009 16:07:10 Nishith Nand wrote:
> I know that 32 bit ubuntu has a limit at around 3.3 Gb but I have less than that.

That is a misconception.
A 32bits system will address a Max of 4GiBs of memory positions.
But it wont all be RAM.
All memory alike storage have to be mapped so that they can be reached, and this will count stuff like HD cache (and other IOs), GPU, CPU L1/2/3 cache and finally central RAM.

Should also note that some boards are incapable of using DIMMs bigger then some size, or chipset limits to the amount of address memory.
In your case maybe you are being hit by the board limit or a faulty DIMM. Run memtest to be sure.

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