Desktop Team 20090317 meeting minutes

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at
Tue Mar 17 21:51:18 GMT 2009

Here are the minutes from the desktop team meeting. You can also find
them here:

== Present ==
  * Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  * Alexander Sack (asac)
  * Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)
  * Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  * Chris Cheney (calc)
  * Ken VanDine (kenvandine)
  * Martin Pitt (pitti)
  * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  * Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

== Apologies ==
  * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) - kubuntu meeting

== Agenda ==
  * Outstanding actions from last meeting
  * Announcements
  * Release Status
  * Beta preparedness
  * Review activity reports
  * Any other business

== Outstanding actions from last meeting ==
  * ACTION: seb128 and bryce to investigate 
- problems with setting certain keyboard layouts
   * Result: unassigned this bug as it is really a collection of other 
bugs which should be tracked seperately
  * ACTION: calc and pitti to discuss - getting certain java based 
build depends for OO to build in the build daemons. xom now works with 
   * Result: pitti succeeding in getting it to build with openjdk, but 
then the test suites broke. Will build with gcj for Jaunty if test suite 
failure causes problems.
  * ACTION: everyone hasn't already to submit a topic by eow (mandated 
by rickspencer3 :) )
   * Result: everyone now reports having submitted

== Actions from this meeting ==
  * ACTION: everyone to send rickspencer3 email wrt to people who should 
be sponsored for UDS
  * ACTION: asac to ping luke regarding 278095
  * ACTION: asac and mvo to complete Adobe in partner archive work
  * ACTION: rickspencer3 to ascertain the state of the artwork for the beta

== Announcements ==
  * UDS sponsorship: send rickspencer3 an email if there is someone that 
you feel is important to sponsor

== Release Status ==
=== Bugs ===
Everyone should be focused on beta mile-stoned bugs for the remaindered 
of the week. Follows are the currently High and Medium bugs targeted for 
Jaunty in the beta milestone, so these should presumably be fixed 
removed from the milestone by 2009-03-19.

==== High ====
|| '''Id''' || '''Title''' || '''Assigned To''' || '''Status''' || 
'''Importance''' || '''Package''' || '''Release''' || '''Milestone''' || 
'''Team''' || '''Date Confirmed''' ||
|| 278095 || MASTER crash in getenv() ... spi_atk_bridge_exit_func() || 
asac || In Progress || High || at-spi (Ubuntu Jaunty) || jaunty || 
ubuntu-9.04-beta || canonical-desktop-team || 
2008-10-26T23:21:10.303725+00:00 ||
|| 337869 || jaxme does not build with openjdk-6 || ccheney || Confirmed 
|| High || jaxme (Ubuntu Jaunty) || jaunty || ubuntu-9.04-beta || 
canonical-desktop-team || 2009-03-04T18:56:52.837035+00:00 ||
|| 305790 || MIR - move to main for 3 build-depends || 
ccheney || Incomplete || High || jaxme (Ubuntu Jaunty) || jaunty || 
ubuntu-9.04-beta || canonical-desktop-team || None ||
|| 340777 || Panel should add the messaging indicator for users 
upgrading || seb128 || Confirmed || High || gnome-panel (Ubuntu Jaunty) 
|| jaunty || ubuntu-9.04-beta || canonical-desktop-team || 
2009-03-10T21:44:41.406986+00:00 ||
  * 278095: this is already fixed by asac, but hasn't been uploaded. 
asac to ping luke regarding uploading the fix.
  * 337869: currently is being built with openjdk, however, the test 
suite is failing. Not clear if this is an issue. In any case, should be 
considered more or less complete, as we will be supporting this 
component by building it with gcj for jaunty if the test suite failures 
are a real problem.
  * 305790: fixed (much thanks to doko)
  * 340777: This is essentially the upgrade script for notify-osd and 
indicator-applet. Expected to be complete by 2009-03-18. Needs a little 
more testing.

==== Medium ====
|| '''Id''' || '''Title''' || '''Assigned To''' || '''Status''' || 
'''Importance''' || '''Package''' || '''Release''' || '''Milestone''' || 
'''Team''' || '''Date Confirmed''' ||
|| 309419 || jaunty:  Kubuntu panel doesn't extend all the way across 
desktop || jr || Confirmed || Medium || kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu 
Jaunty) || jaunty || ubuntu-9.04-beta || canonical-desktop-team || 
2009-03-10T06:23:48.594805+00:00 ||
|| 308060 || Include libmsn in main || jr || Confirmed || Medium || 
libmsn (Ubuntu Jaunty) || jaunty || ubuntu-9.04-beta || 
canonical-desktop-team || 2009-01-06T13:44:56.126346+00:00 ||

=== Work Items ===
Except for Kubuntu, the work items are by and large complete. The 
following non-Kubuntu work items remain:
  * asac:Adobe Flash in partner repository with apturl:started
  * ACTION: asac and mvo planning to complete this on 2009-03-18

Kubuntu work is being tracked here:

== Beta Preparedness ==
  * New NM icons are in jaunty.
  * pitti asks about the state of the artwork for Jaunty. rickspencer3 
to follow up.
  * General questions about the readiness of notify-osd and 

== Activity reports ==

=== Alexander Sack (asac) ===

==== fonts ====
  * fontconfig love based on ACTIONs agreed with Arne
   * cleanup obsolete and not used fonts.d files (LP: #332992)
   * "anymetrics goodbye" - drop not used patch introduced for firefox 
(isolated individual patch; next: drop)
   * debconf: reset to defaults - drop debconf alltogether to prevent 
futuer problems (LP: #305394)
   * move everything from diff.gz to proper patches
  * uploaded patched gtk/gtk-settings daemon with "auto" mode to ~asac PPA
  * unblock seb's gnome 2.26 effort due to fontconfig postinst problem

==== network-manager ====
  * network-manager modem debugging - discussing udev prober approach 
with upstream
  * online/offline status discussion with mozilla/network-manager; seems 
this is not going to happen; developed rtnetlink client part
    for a network status daemon PoC.
  * patch review, discussion and code for dxteam's offline/disconnect 
notifications; came up with a patch that stacks event and combines them 
if appropriate; next: cleanup using spec
  * provide input on #networkmanager, #modemmanager f3507g upstreaming 

==== mozilla ====
  * nss security testing
  * thoughts about 32 bit packages for firefox/xulrunner, nss and others
  * jaunty website call
  * jaunty newtab page
  * started to prepare thunderbird security update
  * work a bit on firefox security backports

==== misc ====
  * fighting nfs problems, and dealing with mail backlog due to this.
  * sponsoring human-icon-theme, liferea
  * new songbird discussions
  * chromium on amd64 discussions

=== Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje) ===
  * Fontconfig testing for Alexander
  * import queue cleaning for Rosetta
  * fonts testing on Ubuntu and Kubuntu for different languages
  * language-pack testing on Kubuntu

=== Bryce Harrington (bryce) ===
==== Distro ====
  * Sponsoring - unsub/cleanup
   - Uploaded gnome-screensaver(#87317), libvirt(#227837), mesa(#330476)

==== Xorg Work ====
  * Uploaded new xorg (fixes #276357)
  * Rewrote/updated
  * Followed up on a number of bugs
  * Uploaded new -ati git snapshot
  * Uploaded mesa fixes
  * Analyzed Keybuk's Moblin vs. Ubuntu Xorg boot performance (analysis 
took up most of a day)
  * Coordinated Radeon kernel patches with Tim and Alex
  * Graphed total Xorg bug numbers for past year:
  * Merged/tested/uploaded -ati 6.12.0.
  * Acknowledged receipt of -fglrx from ATI; tested on a couple cards
  * Re-triaged xorg back down to 13 bugs (from 78)
  * Worked on FailsafeX scripts (various bug reports)
  * XSmoke testing

==== Misc ====
  * Attended kernel team sprint in Beaverton Mon-Tues
  * Attempted meeting with AMD; couldn't reach them, got them by email
  * Confcalls with rick and pitti on work load balancing
  * Confcall on karmic goals - HDMI
  * Recommended potential sponsorees for UDS

==== 2-week Plan ====
  * xorg.conf Backup/Recovery work
  * Integrate apport support into bulletproof-x mode
  * Focus on my assigned bugs list, bugs fixed upstream, and bug reports
   with patches attached.

=== Chris Cheney (calc) ===
* Wrote patch to allow proper disabling of gnome-vfs in OOo while still 
retaining gvfs fuse support
* Uploaded 1:3.0.1-5ubuntu1 - disable gnome-vfs
* Uploaded 1:3.0.1-5ubuntu2 - added lzma pre-depends back
* Filed upstream bugs on gvfs ftp and webdav backends wrt failure to 
save OOo files
* Working on OOo 3.1.0 split build
* Wrote AllHands submission
* Weekly OOo Release Status Meetings
* Weekly desktop team meeting
* Lots of OOo bug triage

=== Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) ===
  * alpha 6 testing, fixes and release
  * update casper not start kde services which aren't needed by a live
  * fix jockey for broken autostart
  * archive admin and SRU approvals
  * discuss fate of kblueplugd
  * fix libxine1 to make it installable without restricted codecs
  * tested various language packs, working well
  * investigated kpackagekit's update notifier, need to revert to
  * investigated corruption on screen in some Qt apps with intel
driver, no conclusions yet

  * investigate high profile bugs

=== Ken VanDine (kenvandine) ===
  * Some GNOME updates
  * Message Indicator/Notification use case testing
  * Fixed some OLS package builds for intrepid
  * Tested update script for adding the indicator applet
  * Compiz/GNOME key bindings bug

Planned/In progress:
  * More testing of the indicator applet script
  * Package the indicator python bindings
  * Help with GNOME updates
  * Make the notification patch for system-config-printer more upstream
friendly #339847
  * Fix a permissions problem in couchdb on intrepid
  * Help out the DX team as needed before the beta freeze

=== Martin Pitt (pitti) ===
Currently open stable/milestoned bugs:
  * #275432 (libpolkit requires files from policykit): no time yet, will 
attack soon
  * #335567 (jockey-backend crashed with IOError: [Errno 19] No such 
device): got remote root ssh login from davmor2 and debugged it on his 
box (I don't have an nvidia system any more); got it pinpointed now, 
will upload tomorrow

Non-chores stuff done:
  * 9.10 planning calls
  * Alpha-6 CD testing
  * Created apport launchpad backend test suite, for smooth and stable 
migration to launchpadlib
  * Created apport branch for using launchpadlib; tests fully pass now, 
it's ready to rock
  * Created and tested launchpadlib (and dependencies) backports for 
intrepid and hardy, in my PPA now; prerequisite for switching apport 
retracers to launchpadlib
  * Got launchpadlib to work on ronne's retracer dchroots
  * Spent three hours on jaxme FTBFS; got the openjdk patch backported, 
but test suite is failing now, and I'm clueless about it; for now we'll 
just leave this be built with gcj with Jaunty.
  * Lots of bug fixing, got most of my milestoned bugs fixed

  * cracklib2, envyng-core, fontforge, gnome-netstatus, kino, 
mobile-broadband-provider-info, net-snmp, nvidia-graphics-drivers-180, 
openbabel, pulseaudio, pyrex, python-crypto, python-mechanize, 
  * Reviewed sync sponsor bugs: hesiod, ttf-vlgothic, bzr, bzrtools
  * Reviewed, but not uploaded: boost1.35

=== Sebastien Bacher (seb128) ===
==== GNOME 2.26 updates ====
gvfs nautilus libgnomekbd gnome-python gtksourceview gnome-python
gtksourceview gedit epiphany-browser epiphany-extensions gucharmap
gnome-applets gnome-keyring xchat-gnome gtkhtml gtk+ glib gvfs nautilus
glibmm gnome-python-desktop libsoup evince eog pessulus
evolution-data-server file-roller libwnck evolution
gnome-utils libgweather gnome-panel evolution-exchange gnome-desktop

==== investigated on a frequent ffmpeg crasher ====
(over 60 duplicates) on some format which was due to 
gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg, got the bug fixed upstream
and backport the change to jaunty, confirmed it fixes the issue

==== desktop bug fixing ====
f-spot gnome-session gnome-utils
desktop-file-utils totem gnome-python gdm

==== other ====
  * sponsored a new dxteam notify-osd update and updated
gnome-settings-daemon for the changes
  * tested and uploaded new rhythmbox upstream candidate version
  * backported gnome-session storing upstream changes
  * lot of desktop bugs triage
  * jaunty CD testing

==== sponsoring ====
pidgin pidgin libproxy bluez libgda4 alacarte gnome-media
gnome-games-extra-data totem-pl-parser totem gnome-system-monitor
gtkmm2.4 indicator-applet gnome-icon-theme seahorse-plugins gtk2-engines
glade vino gnome-icon-theme gnome-games vinagre bug-buddy

=== Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter) ===
  * hal-cups-utils fixes: Handle queues with CUPS URIs using the "hal" 
backend correctly (LP: #341646), fixed reading of the printer device ID 
(LP: #306301) and let hal_lpadmin use the same method for finding 
already configured CUPS queues on plugging and unplugging the printer 
(LP: #341646, LP: #139317). Now selection of printer drivers on 
Plug'n'Print and re-activation of disabled print queues should be much 
more reliable.
  * system-config-printer fixes: Adapted the D-Bus policy to the new 
D-Bus defaults (LP: #318776), do not pop up the dialog to remember to 
deactivate the firewall when activating printer sharing. The dialog is 
Red Hat/Fedora-specific (LP: #274179), improved identification of 
printers, especially for the situation of incomplete device IDs reported 
for network printers and made the list of printer models more readable 
for PPDs of HPLIP 3.9.2 and of Turboprint.
  * splix: Lintian fixes (LP: #331851)
  * GTK: Checked that photo printing with eog, f-spot, and GIMP 
(original dialog) actually works (LP: #310854).
  * Triaging and discussion of printing-related bugs.

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