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Rick Spencer wrote on 05/03/09 17:44:
> Could you please tell us exactly how you think this should work? What
> is your preference for how the user should configure the options?

If we think the setting recommended by fontconfig is likely good, it
should be the radio button selected by default in the Font preferences.
For example, if fontconfig recommends subpixel smoothing, "Subpixel
smoothing" should be selected by default in the Font preferences.

To cater for the case of someone who changed the setting days or weeks
ago and isn't sure what to change it back to, the string
" (recommended)" could follow the label for whichever option is
recommended by fontconfig. For example, if fontconfig recommends Best
shapes for your display, that option could appear as "Best shapes

If fontconfig allows other useful options not available in the Font
preferences (such as a minimum size for anti-aliasing text, or never
anti-aliasing kanji), then they should be made available individually in
a future release. A take-it-or-leave-it "Automatic" checkbox would not
be an obvious way of setting those options either.

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