New style of desktop!

Otto Kekäläinen otto at
Sun Jun 21 20:01:03 BST 2009

ke, 2009-06-17 kello 00:21 +0200, Nordin Ingenieur kirjoitti:
> What do you think about it?

It is a good idea to mimic something that is familiar to users (in this
case the mobile phone) but your suggestion did not appeal to me that
much. However I like to encourage everybody with new ideas to develop
them, because sometimes those with a vision can make something great
even though others don't see the point initially. Maybe you could code a
prototype or feed you ideas to some UI team, like or some similar group at KDE. Although
I should warn, that these teams don't automatically listen to every idea
thrown at them, so you should at first help them out with something and
only after you proven yourself to be competent start intoducing them to
your ideas.

If you don't have time to develop you ideas yourself, maybe you could
donate some money to some team that you feel is worthy..?

BTW, the idea that the start button should launch the meny is good and I
wonder why it is not in use (Alt+F1 does the thing but it's not very

I'd make a bug report about the issue, but I don't know who decides
about these key binings (a standard or Gnome or..?).

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