Installing Ubuntu 9.04 to a Western Digital External Hard Drive

Kevin Stagg kstagg at
Thu Jun 18 05:59:44 BST 2009

I hope this is the right forum, and could use some assistance.

I have a 160GB Western Digital External Hard Drive and I'd like to load
Ubuntu 9.04 onto it so that I can have the latter OS with me wherever I go.
Usually the hard drive is attached to my Vista Ultimate pc here at home.

Is there a tutorial out there that walks a *newbie* step by step on how this
can be accomplished? I see there are tutorials out there but everone I've
looked at seems to assume that the user has an extensive background in
Linux, which I do not.

Also, if I were to load Ubuntu on my ext hard drive, could I access Ubuntu
while still running Vista on the desktop? Would it be similar to having a
vmware environment of Ubuntu running on a Windows platform?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks -
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