New style of desktop!

Rodrigo Moya rodrigo.moya at
Wed Jun 17 12:19:59 BST 2009

On Wed, 2009-06-17 at 00:21 +0200, Nordin Ingenieur wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I was thinking why Apple with their Mac and Microsoft with their
> Windows are often ahead when it comes to design, usability etc...
> I know Linux has proven itself as a stable OS, but it is still way
> behind the commercial ones. For example, a year ago my brother wanted
> to install Ubuntu on his pc, but he wasn't able to get his wireless
> networkcard working. A bigger problem is, my brother is a webdesigner
> and usability consultant, but he wasn't able to get his networkcard
> working. So not even to mention about people who has a little
> knowledge of computers and internet.
I've heard the same thing from Windows users, who just couldn't get
their wireless card to work. And lots of Linux users have their network
cards up and running instantly, without trouble. So while it's
unfortunate that your brother didn't get his card working, it is not
something that happens by default, in fact, it just happens for some
people, like in Windows. So, yes, let's fix the problem for your
brother, but don't take that as the usual user experience, because it's
not. A nephew of mine got, without me helping him, an Ubuntu CD, and
installed it and configured it without any trouble. He even told me that
he liked much more the UI, because it "looked more professional" than

So yeah, let's keep making Linux desktop better, you are 100% right on
that, but let's not base our decisions on a unique user's experience,
because if we do that, let's base our decisions on *my* experience,
which is very good, network cards always get configured without any
trouble :-)

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