[ubuntu-web] Girl gets Ubuntu on a Dell by mistake, absolutely hates it...

Belinda A. Lopez dinda at mac.com
Thu Jan 15 17:11:07 GMT 2009

On Jan 15, 2009, at 10:55 AM, Aaron Toponce wrote:

> Jo-Erlend Schinstad wrote:
>> She really wanted Windows, didn't she? We should focus on making the
>> operating system good for people who actually want something else,  
>> not
>> people who receives the wrong product. There are guides for new users
>> and these should obviously receive continuious attention, though I
>> feel they're already quite nice. It's not likely that users expecting
>> Windows will ever be happy to get Ubuntu instead. I certainly  
>> wouldn't
>> be, if I thought I'd ordered Windows.
> I'm curious how she landed and Ubuntu-installed Dell laptop if she
> didn't want it. I mean, of anything, when customizing, didn't she pay
> attention to the operating system listed? Last I checked, you have to
> intentionally search for the Ubuntu computers, as Dell doesn't feature
> them on the main page of the site.

Dell's websites are a UI nightmare.  Not only will you get different  
options depending on which portal you enter (regular dell.com, using  
the EPP sites or other special site like from an ad) but even when  
you are trying to buy an Ubuntu machine, the windows logo still  
appears on many of the pages with the phrase "Dell recommend  
Microsoft Windows".

I *attempted* to buy 4 mini 9s or Christmas gifts, ordered 1 December  
and there was only one secret way to get the minis in different  
colors.  If you go through the link that says Open Source machines,  
the only options shown are the black and white models.  If you go  
through the mini link on the main page then you can switch to Ubuntu  
in the OS choices and get the full color options.  Dell then canceled  
the order when they couldn't ship as promised and gave me a new ship  
date in January.  I ended up canceling the order and getting Acer  
Aspire Ones.

You can start out buying a Windows machine and then select Ubuntu OS  
in the customise section, folks probably see the lower price and  
select but may not even know what Ubuntu is.

The one upside is that there are now many Ubuntu mini machines in the  
Dell Outlet section at really good prices that were either  
"previously ordered new" or returns.  Before Christmas there were  
none - I checked daily.



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