Girl gets Ubuntu on a Dell by mistake, absolutely hates it...

Brett Alton brett.jr.alton at
Thu Jan 15 10:14:49 GMT 2009

This girl in the United States ordered an Ubuntu-loaded Dell laptop by
accident, expecting it came with Windows. She was confused due to
Ubuntu 7.10's inability to load her Verizon Internet CD (which she
doesn't actually need) and that Microsoft Office was incompatible with
it (even though she could use

Now, Ubuntu has already come a long way from 7.10, but I am posting
this to the ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-education and ubuntu-website
mailing lists because I believe this story's message is important: How
do we ensure that previous Windows users are comfortable using Ubuntu?

Maybe post some information on the Ubuntu website how
can save/edit/read Microsoft Office documents? What about a wizard for
installing the Internet (DSL, dial-up, etc.)? As for the educational
section of Ubuntu, what about schools giving out more information to
their students about alternative operating systems and programs such
as Ubuntu, Mac,, etc. with Canonical actually provides
that information to the IT departments? Maybe an
section is in order, where Canonical can explain to high school and
college students why Ubuntu is so fantastic for their campus life
(security, reliability, lack of viruses, alternate programs, etc.) and
how they can use it to fit right in with their Windows counterparts.
Maybe in a desktop tour like so:

Please make sure to watch the video as well as read the article as it
originally aired as a television broadcast

Read Digg user responses here:

The responses are mostly positive towards Ubuntu and however much I
agree, I do believe Ubuntu can do a bit more work in documenting the
transition from Windows to Ubuntu a bit better. Maybe even an entire
guide, along with the Education section, with a link right on the
homepage. (e.g. this means moving the website away from technical
details and towards educating new users)

Please, everyone, let me know your thoughts.

Brett Alton
brett.jr.alton at

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