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Thu Jan 8 18:33:48 GMT 2009

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> Hi all,
>      We are discussing this thread
> and came to know about freedesktop sound theme .
> It seems that this theme isn't packaged yet although andrewsomething
> has put it in his PPA.

For the record, I did not package this myself. It is just a build of the
package that was rejected from Debian since some of the sounds are
licensed CC. The packaging branch can be found here:

> There is a bug which talks about it in more detail.
> Can something be done about it during this cycle?

As I mentioned in the linked forum thread I would be happy to package
some sound themes for Jaunty if any one can point to some good sound
themes that are appropriately licensed.

I looked around gnome-look, and couldn't find anything that seemed
appropriate. Most sound themes on gnome-look seem to actually be KDE
themes or just random sounds, not following the theme spec. The most
popular theme that follows the spec is specifically licensed to prevent
derivative works, which rules it out.

Especially since the new volume control applet makes the sound themes
much more visible, it would be nice to populate the archive with at
least a few.

Also, does packaging already exist for the theme that was briefly tested
in the Intrepid cycle? While it was ruled out as a default, is there any
reason to not provide it in the archive?

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