Meeting item: FUSA, passwords vs. session saving

Chris Coulson chrisccoulson at
Fri Feb 27 19:40:41 GMT 2009

On Fri, 2009-02-27 at 18:15 +0000, Ted Gould wrote:
> Hello,
> Chris provided a patch for using PolicyKit and ConsoleKit in the FUSA
> applet that makes it so that if multiple people are logged in, you can
> get a password dialog, and shutdown the system.  The way that this works
> is that it asks ConsoleKit for the shutdown and restart actions and if
> they need a password asks PolicyKit to handle it.
> One of the things that this changes is that we're shutting down using
> ConsoleKit instead of asking GDM to do the shutdown for us.  This means
> that we're not logging out of the session, and doing the equivalent to
> "sudo shutdown -h now" on the command line.  So, if the session manager
> supports saving sessions it won't, as we're not even asking it to.
> This obviously isn't great.  But, this is fixed in the new GDM as it
> will use DBus and so we can get the PK messages from the request to GDM,
> and we can again start asking GDM to do the shutdown/restart for us.
> But, that's a solution for Karmic.
> I feel like today we're given the choice between two bugs:
>   * Don't allow restart/shutdown to work with multiple users
>   * Don't save sessions on restart/shutdown
> I guess I'm writing this to see if anyone has any ideas.  Anyone?
> Perhaps we should discuss these two during the desktop meeting on
> Tuesday?  I'm kinda thinking about going with the password dialog, but I
> think this shouldn't be an individual decision.
> 		--Ted


I had a brief look at the gnome-session code when writing the patch, and
it appears that the only thing that it does differently to the FUSA is
block on any applications that are trying to inhibit closing the
session. In this case, it pops up the inhibit dialog. Once the user has
confirmed this, all it seems to do is send Stop() to ConsoleKit in the
same way that the FUSA does now.

It seems that the only thing the new FUSA misses is being able to cancel
the action if some application wants to inhibit it (but that didn't
happen with the old GDM interface anyway).

Perhaps I'm missing something, but other than the inhibit dialog, it
doesn't seem like the FUSA does anything different to gnome-session now.

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