Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Feb 24 08:01:48 GMT 2009

Matthew East [2009-02-23 13:29 +0000]:
> I wonder if it would be appropriate for inclusion of
> gnome-control-center to be considered again for Jaunty.

I believe it is just changing a gconf key, to flip between menu mode
and control center mode.

Personally I have always liked the menu mode, since it makes it both
much more obvious, and also much faster, to reach a particular
setting. I agree, though, that the preferences menu is too large. It
would be nice if there were subgroups and some more cleverness:

 * mouse, keyboard layout, keyboard shortcuts, and accessibility
   should be in an "input devices" submenu
 * "palm os device" should rather be in the applications menu IMHO
 * screen resolution, appearance, screen saver, and perhaps some more
   are also closely related and could go into a submenu


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