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Mon Feb 23 15:58:07 GMT 2009

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 06:34:23AM -0800, Rick Spencer wrote:
> On 02/23/2009 05:29 AM, Matthew East wrote:
> > I wonder if it would be appropriate for inclusion of
> > gnome-control-center to be considered again for Jaunty.
> > 
> > I still think that the points made in my email below remain valid in
> > Jaunty - for me the absence of a structured preferences menu is the
> > main problem that stands out at me from Ubuntu's otherwise awesome
> > desktop. There wasn't really a very comprehensive discussion of the
> > issues when I raised this back in August 2008.
> > 
> > Oliver raised an objection that it takes 30 seconds for control-center
> > to open, but I've tried it now on a few different computers and it
> > always opens promptly: do we have any idea whether the problem Oliver
> > experienced is common or a rare bug on certain hardware? In any event,
> > perhaps it is solved now that 6 months further development has
> > occurred.
> > 
> > Do other members of the desktop team have views on this issue?
> > 
> I find access to the various settings applications to be rather tedious 
> and indirect through the gnome-control-center, so I prefer the way that 
> Ubuntu does it (simply with the menus).
> However, that's mho, I'm interested in other thoughts on the topic.

Almost all newbies i helped to install ubuntu didn't really look for
menus. This could be because they are too much trained by windows.

However, i also found that the menu list is rather long and they
usually didn't succeed to find the right entry even after pointing
them to the menu. I guess the list is just too long and the
Preferences/System split is also perceived as rather random by users
that don't know the difference.

In control center, the grouping by topics is nice for users to at
least narrow down the list they look harder at. (e.g. Internet & Net,

(Seems like the control center entries could deserve some polishing
and maybe removing things that are not really used frequently could
help to improve it).

 - Alexander

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