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Mon Feb 23 13:29:47 GMT 2009

I wonder if it would be appropriate for inclusion of
gnome-control-center to be considered again for Jaunty.

I still think that the points made in my email below remain valid in
Jaunty - for me the absence of a structured preferences menu is the
main problem that stands out at me from Ubuntu's otherwise awesome
desktop. There wasn't really a very comprehensive discussion of the
issues when I raised this back in August 2008.

Oliver raised an objection that it takes 30 seconds for control-center
to open, but I've tried it now on a few different computers and it
always opens promptly: do we have any idea whether the problem Oliver
experienced is common or a rare bug on certain hardware? In any event,
perhaps it is solved now that 6 months further development has

Do other members of the desktop team have views on this issue?

Matthew East
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I recall that a couple of releases back gnome-control-center was
considered for inclusion by default in Ubuntu. Has it been
reconsidered for Intrepid?

I tried Suse recently and one of the obvious things that was done
better than Ubuntu was that it didn't have the awkward
"Administration" / "Preferences" distinction for configuration tools.
For me it's one of the most uncomfortable things about our desktop,
and gnome-control-center would make a big improvement, if it is
suitable for inclusion.

It strikes me that Intrepid is an ideal release to introduce something
like this. If it's already been considered and rejected, perhaps you
could point me towards an explanation of the reasons.

Matthew East
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