Google Chromium In Lucid

mac_v drkvi-a at
Tue Dec 15 12:06:49 GMT 2009

On Mon, 2009-12-14 at 00:18 +0000, Shane Fagan wrote:
> > I do agree that it would be pretty rash to jump on this for Lucid+1,
> > unless something amazing happens, because Chromium is really very new.
> > Development on Lucid+2 would begin a bit after ChromeOS's official
> > appearance in the real world. At that point Chromium would be thoroughly
> > tested and debugged. We could confidently expect Google's ongoing
> > commitment to the browser's Linux version, in particular, as a stable
> > product.
> > 
> > I think it would be worthwhile if there was a commitment to properly
> > discuss the default browser choice awhile planning Lucid+2, or something
> > along those lines. It could act as strong incentive for Mozilla to do
> > better where Firefox currently loses to Chromium in Linux. With that,
> > the geniuses at Mozilla could pull a rabbit out of a hat, returning
> > their browser to its rightful place in my heart :)
> I disagree because gnome 3 is coming in lucid+1 (probably) I think the
> opportune time would be then. We should redesign in one swoop and I
> think because Chrome OS is coming I think the browser will have a lot of
> eyes on the code. 

With gnome3 I would say it should be considered even less. ;)

Chrome [maximized] is designed to work well when there is no panel at
the top. Seems it was designed keeping in mind only Windows and

When there is no top panel the user can hit the top edge of the
screen[event though there is gap of a few pixels above the tabs] and
change tabs, this is a good design when considered for Windows and
But this is obviously not possible in Linux since we use a panel at the

Placing the tabs higher isnt a great design for Linux , as the tabs are
now further away from the user viewing area and user is now forced to
more mouse further. [yes , firefox4 design also seems to want to do
something similar to this , But both browsers seem only trying to get it
right for Windows]

With gnome3 this becomes even weird since one wrongly positioned click
on the first tab in chrome and you are shunted off to the activities


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