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Sun Dec 13 11:25:16 GMT 2009

Yes, epiphany is better integrated and gnome supported, but chromium is
faster than epiphany (at least on my quadcore pc) due to it's architecture.
If epiphany can deliver the same speed chrome does, it'd be even a better
alternative than chrome.

El 13 de diciembre de 2009 11:22, Milan Bouchet-Valat
<nalimilan at>escribió:

> Le dimanche 13 décembre 2009 à 11:01 +0000, José Luis Ricón a écrit :
> > I agree with considering chromium (or even a canonical remix of it) as
> > a default browser. The only thing firefox has over it are extensions,
> > but in a few months, the most useful extensions will be probably
> > ported.
> I think you're over-optimistic. AFAIK Mozilla extensions are based on
> the very nature of their architecture, notably based on XUL for writing
> GUIs. Porting extensions to Chromium, which is using WebKit, would imply
> almost complete rewrites. I for one use some niche extensions such as
> Zotero that won't get a Chromium equivalent for a long time.
> > The main reason why currently it's not being considered  is because it
> > can't be compiled against default webkit, only with it's own
> > google-tweaked webkit. But even with that, chromium is a binary and
> > has source code. It's open!, there aren't really any problems.
> Sure, but are there problems with Epiphany either ? It's pure GTK+, and
> fully working thanks to support form GNOME.
> Regards

José Luis Ricón
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