Call for Lucid testing: GTK enhancements

Ken VanDine ken.vandine at
Tue Dec 8 18:44:08 GMT 2009

Hello Desktoppers!

The Ayatana team has been working on some GTK enhancements for Lucid.
Adding support for Client Side window decorations and enabling RGBA
color maps by default.  We have uploaded a patched version of gtk which
adds these features to the ~ubuntu-desktop team PPA (along with a needed
fix for nautilus to go along with it).  

The new decorations feature requires explicit support from a theme
before it becomes active (it defaults to being disabled). However, RGBA
support is enabled by default and there is a chance for some fallout
from this being added.

Please help test before this gets uploaded to Lucid, there is currently
one known issue.  Redraw problems, most noticeably in nautilus.  In a
nautilus browse window, scrolling will leave some artifacts briefly.
This behavior has also been seen in gnome-terminal, xchat-gnome, and

You can find the packages in the ~ubuntu-desktop team PPA

To add the PPA and upgrade:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

This upgrade will include libgtk2.0-0 and some other gtk packages as
well as nautilus from this PPA.  Please look for regressions in current
applications and report by commenting on

Thanks for testing!

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