Solang or Shotwell vs. F-Spot for Lucid

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at
Tue Dec 8 02:24:37 GMT 2009

Before too much effort is invested into making F-Spot good enough to meet
all of the needs outlined at the UDS Default App Selection session, i
thought i should bring up
Shotwell <> to see if it might be worth
including instead of F-Spot in Lucid, or if it's too late, in Lucid +1.
GTumb has been discussed, but it doesn't seem to deliver the goods. Solang
is new, yet it's developed quickly and is showing a lot of promise. Shotwell
might also be a contender worth discussing, but i am unfamiliar with it.
Hopefully someone else has some insights as to how Shotwell compares to
Solang and F-Spot.

   - A major issue with F-Spot that Solang doesn't have is that you have to
   move images to import them into the library.
   - F-Spot is much more resource intensive than Solang

Solang, Shotwell, and F-Spot are all fine image managers/organizers, but the
current plan is to work on F-Spot to get it to meet the following needs:

   - Quickly viewing images by folder [currently handled by EOG]
      - Solang and F-Spot both have view-modes but still require importing
      the image. Shotwell might not.
   - Editing images without importing (Shotwell does this)
      - Rotating [currently handled by EOG]
      - Red-eye removal [currently handled by GIMP]
      - Cropping [currently handled by GIMP]
      - optional: Annotating (like making lolcat) [currently handled by
      - optional: Painting on it [currently handled by GIMP]

Personally, the fact that F-Spot requires moving/copying image files to
import the pictures has been enough to keep me from using it. Although the
interface has been cleaned up, it just feels heavy. It's worth reconsidering
how much work should be put in to F-Spot when other projects seem to be
progressing faster. If this much work is going to be invested as it is, we
should consider whether it might be better to focus on Solang instead.
Shotwell might already meet many of these needs, and need significantly less

Please look into both Solang and Shotwell and post your thoughts.


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