Desktop Team 20090414 meeting minutes

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at
Wed Apr 15 00:03:17 BST 2009

Here are the minutes from the desktop team meeting. You can also find
them here:

== Present ==
 * Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
 * Alexander Sack (asac)
 * Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)
 * Bryce Harrington (bryce)
 * Chris Cheney (calc)
 * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
 * Ken VanDine (kenvandine)
 * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
 * Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

== Apologies ==
 * Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)
 * Martin Pitt (pitti)

== Agenda ==
 * Outstanding actions from last meeting
 * -intel
 * Gwibber
 * Translations
 * UDS Topics
 * Release Bugs/Release Status
 * Review activity reports
 * Any other business

== Outstanding actions from last meeting ==
 * ACTION: rickspencer3 to send email to kick of meeting time discussion
  * done, discussion underway
 * ACTION: rickspencer3 to get list of critical bugs from bryce, follow
up with release team to get correct bugs tracked.
  * done, release team tracking -intel issues for SRUs

== Actions from this meeting ==
 * ACTION: Everyone to put their UDS topics on the wiki
 * ACTION: ArneGoetje to follow up with Riddell to ensure that 355814 is
 * ACTION: seb128 to investigate 338982

== -intel ==
=== Current Status ===
Bryce reports two fundamental issues:
 1. Unpredictable freezes on i965 chips. He believes the freezes were
introduced by the 7.3 to 7.4 Mesa upgrade. Unfortunately there are no
repro steps for the freezes, so hard to verify that reverting to 7.3
would fix the problem. Bryce is exploring reverting to 7.3 in an SRU if
the specific cause can not be determined and fixed.
 1. Poor performance on most intel hardware. Many people report that
Jaunty is significantly slower. Many users find using uxa solves the
perf issues, but introduces stability issues. Users also find the
enabling the "greedy" MigrationHeuristic improves perf significantly.
However, a path to turn on greedy by default re-introduces a segfault.
Users who simply add the greedy option to their xorg.conf do not seem to
run into this issue. Steps for enabling greedy can be seen here: 

bryce continues to work on these issues, and the desktop team is
planning SRUs for fixes when they are discovered. rickspencer3 is also
re-engaging with Intel to see if they can provide more guidance on
solving these issues asap.

== Gwibber ==
Gwibber is a universe project that kenvandine has been working on to get
ready to use indicator-applet in Jaunty. Potential SRU if the changes
are unobtrusive.

== Translations ==
Final full export from Rosetta for the language-packs is currently
running, expected to complete tomorrow. 

Jono joined to introduce David Planella (dpm), new to the community
team. His role includes:
 * to help grow and extend our extensive translations community
 * to work with translations teams to help build best practice around
great translations
 * to work with upstreams to ensure we can participate as effectively as
possible with translations
 * to provide a resource inside Canonical to report to other teams the
status of translations

== UDS Topics ==
Everyone agreed to put their UDS topics on the wiki, and we will discuss
in next week's team meeting.
ACTION: Everyone to put their UDS topics on the wiki

== Release Bugs/Release Status ==
Currently targeted bugs ...
|| '''Id''' || '''Title''' || '''Assigned To''' || '''Status''' ||
'''Importance''' || '''Package''' || '''Release''' || '''Milestone''' ||
'''Team''' || '''Date Confirmed''' ||
|| 359392 || [i965] X freezes starting on April 3rd || bryceharrington
|| Triaged || Critical || xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Jaunty) ||
jaunty || ubuntu-9.04 ||  || 2009-04-12 01:30:58.691446+00:00 ||
|| 355814 || [Kubuntu 9.04] Many items are in English while language is
set to Spanish || jr || Triaged || Critical || language-pack-kde-es
(Ubuntu Jaunty) || jaunty || ubuntu-9.04 ||  || 2009-04-06
19:19:39.541759+00:00 ||
|| 353898 || [i945GM] X freezes typing quickly in Kmail when desktop
effects are enabled || bryceharrington || Triaged || High ||
xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Jaunty) || jaunty ||  ||  || 2009-04-02
20:01:42.108969+00:00 ||
|| 337608 || [i945] X crashes in fbBlt() when using Sun Java Plugin 6 +
firefox3.0 on Asus EEEPC 1000 || bryceharrington || In Progress || High
|| xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Jaunty) || jaunty ||  ||  ||
2009-04-03 15:14:04.879183+00:00 ||
|| 338982 || evolution crashed with SIGSEGV during MAPI authentication
|| seb128 || Confirmed || High || evolution-mapi (Ubuntu Jaunty) ||
jaunty || ubuntu-9.04 ||  || 2009-03-26 11:30:23.725832+00:00 ||
|| 174212 || gvfs fuse does not wait on uploads - Cannot save file to
FTP server (from Save dialog) || ccheney || Triaged || Medium || gvfs
(Ubuntu Jaunty) || jaunty || ubuntu-9.04 ||  || 2009-03-29
04:53:42.032854+00:00 ||

 * X bugs discussed in -intel section above.
 * bug 355814 - ArneGoetje believes to be fixed.
   ACTION: ArneGoetje to follow up with Riddell to ensure that 355814 is
 * bug 338982 is in universe, and is not a regression, so probably
shouldn't be targeted. 
   ACTION: seb128 to investigate 338982
== Activity reports ==
=== Alexander Sack (asac) ===
 * Pre-Freeze work
  * fix thunderbird font DPI issue (LP: #345189)
  * fix thunderbird breaks panel launchers on upgrade (LP: #145716)
  * fix gnome-settings-daemon to workaround lcdfiltering issues with new
cairo in openoffice (LP: #271283)
  * fix regression in network-manager not recognizing PCI nozomi 3G
modems through udev rules (LP: #351803)
   * bump network-manager and VPN plugin packages to latest upstream
(almost final).
  * improve nspluginwrapper postinst script to properly recreate all
registered wrappers; properly fix
    flashplugin-installer to register its wrapper dirs with
  * rename flashplugin-nonfree main binary package to
 * Misc
  * review gwibber 1.0 release bits and found them too intrusive to get
into jaunty still
  * start on mozilla security backports for upcoming security release
  * bug triage for firefox and network-manager(-applet)
 * sponsoring: sunbird-lightning, nspluginwrapper, flashblock,
indicate-python review/sponsoring

=== Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje) ===
 * Rosetta import queue cleaning
 * Font development: trying bits and pieces in fontforge to improve font
rendering for Asian scriptsin small font sizes.
 * revised the list of translation templates for KDE packages in Rosetta
 * built new language-packs (including -base packages)

=== Bryce Harrington (bryce) ===
==== Distro ====
 * Sponsored:  screen-resolution-extra(version 0.8; fix FTBS).  No other
   sponsoring due to FinalFreeze
 * Updated Jaunty Release Notes

==== Xorg ====
 * Mega-triage Incomplete w/ Response bugs
 * Xorg bug resolution w/ Intel
 * Xorg Freeze bug (recent regression on i965)
   - Reviewed all reported EXA freezes for -intel
   - Wrote
   - Compiled
   - Identified change as regression between Mar 30 to Apr 7th
   - Analyzed changes to relevant packages between these dates.
     mesa 7.3 -> 7.4 seems the most likely culprit
   - Performed testing to verify downgrading mesa resolves issue
     (not 100% sure... still got one freeze, but only after >24hrs)
 * Confcall with AMD
 * Xorg Performance bug (jaunty regression)
   - Analyzed greedy option, rolled package with old greedy patch
   - Analyzed segfault produced by above; not sure of cause yet

=== Chris Cheney (calc) ===
 * Uploaded 1:3.0.1-9ubuntu2 to jaunty
 * Uploaded 1:3.0.1-9ubuntu3 to jaunty
 * Uploaded 1:3.0.1-9ubuntu2 to jaunty
 * Uploaded ayaspell-dic 0.0.0+20080110-1ubuntu1 to jaunty
 * Uploaded ifrench-gut 1:1.0-24ubuntu1 to jaunty
 * Uploaded myspell-sv 1.3.8-6-2ubuntu1 to jaunty
 * Uploaded 1:3.0.1~rc1-8ubuntu1 to jaunty
 * Uploaded to REVU
 * Had espa-nol 1.10-6 synced to jaunty
 * Had ipolish 20090225-1 synced to jaunty
 * Had ispell-uk 1.5.7-2 synced to jaunty
 * OOo 3.1.0 rc2 will be released later this week
 * gvfs fuse patch from upstream for bgo574968 did not work
 * Weekly desktop team meeting
 * Lots of OOo bug triage

=== Jonathan Riddell (Riddell) ===
 * Fix up .desktop file translations from gettext after sudden change in
 * Get system-config-printer-kde in a state ready for release
 * Wee bit of archive admin
 * Checking and uploading fixes done by the lovely Kubuntu community 

=== Ken VanDine (kenvandine) ===
===== Done =====
 * Assisted the DX team with bugs and packaging needs in preparation for
the RC freeze 
 * Packaging work fro OLS
 * python-indicate is finally done, required more last minute changes
with libindicate 0.1.5
 * Fixed opal and ptlib, which were holding ekiga back in upgrades
 * Fixed pidgin, so it raises the buddy list window when launched
subsequent times

===== Working =====
 * Backporting MI patches for gwibber to 0.8
 * Backporting essential bug fixes for gwibber to 0.8
 * Investigating compiz regressions

=== Martin Pitt (pitti) ===
 * Spent last week in San Francisco at the 
Foundation Collaboration Summit]]. 
 * Trip report posted to Canonical ML, my own 
workgroups's notes]] 
are in the LF wiki.

 * Monday, 2009-04-13 was a public holiday in Germany (Easter), thus not
Ubuntu related work to report. I did some RC bug fixes and worked on
trunk (work for Karmic).

=== Sebastien Bacher (seb128) ===
(theorically a short week since friday and monday were holidays)

 * triaged some hundred desktop bugs
 * rolled out gnome-keyring change which leaded to crashes
 * resynced pygobject on debian to fix debug variants not working
 * resynced pygtk on debian to fix debug variants not working correctly
 * backported svn change to fix rhythmbox magnatune catalog download
 * backport gnome-session svn changes for session storing
 * updated gedit to not using untrusted python path on loading
 * backported f-sport svn changes to fix some milestoned bugs
 * updated yelp translations
 * backported another gnome-keyring svn crash fix
 * updated gnome-control-center with a patch for small screens
 * backport gtk changes to fix focus issue
 * updated evolution-data-server to a svn snapshot to give the current
changes some testing before GNOME 2.26.1
 * updated evolution to a svn snapshot to give the current changes some
testing before GNOME 2.26.1
 * those backports turned to be a good idea, triaged lot of crashers due
to a bug during the next days and fixed the issue in jaunty
 * backported a libxml change from svn to fix pidgin crashing when
connecting to jabber
 * backported another pidgin common crasher fix
 * turned that was not enough it was still crashing on some cases, got
an another fix from upstream and uploaded a fixed pidgin later
 * did a fast-user-switch-applet upload to undo a string freeze breakage
 * updated totem replaces version to fix an conflict
 * updated gtk+ with an another gtk focus issue fix
 * backported an evolution calendar fix from svn
 * GNOME 2.26.1 updates: glib gnome-keyring gtksourceview gtk
epiphany-browser gnome-python gvfs nautilus
 * sponsoring: totem indicator-applet indicator-messages bluez-gnome
gtk2-engines-murrine gnome-user-share pidgin pidgin-libnotify
gnome-power-manager notify-osd evolution-indicator gnome-session totem
seahorse gucharmap xchat-gnome vino vinagre eog

=== Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter) ===
[[|OpenPrinting Summit 2009]] in San Francisco (including travel)

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