Special-casing Ubuntu CD autorun (was: Re: When inserting an Ubuntu CD on Ubuntu...)

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Fri Apr 3 20:19:08 BST 2009

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> James Westby wrote on 04/03/09 14:49:
>> ...what should happen?
>> Currently mpt says that this opens two things, nautilus, and a
>> special dialog that offers to open the package manager. Obviously
>> this is not great.
>> ...
> To clarify, it doesn't open the CD in the file manager. Instead, by
> default, it opens two alert boxes simultaneously. One asks: "A volume
> with software packages has been detected. Would you like to open it with
> the package manager?" The other asks: "This medium contains software
> intended to be automatically started. Would you like to run it?" If I
> click "Run" in the second alert, I get an error, "Could not find the
> autorun program."

Just to clarify, this is a full on bug -- the autorun program it is 
trying to launch is the WINDOWS autorun program for when you put the cd 
in a Windows machine.

Fixing autorun with Windows programs and Wine installed has been on my 
todo list, but it's fairly clear that even once it's fixed we don't want 
to run the program in this case.  So, I agree with the shared-mime-info 
suggestion for detecting DEB CDs earlier - that way we can special case 
the Ubuntu CD, and not offer to "run" it.

> There are numerous problems with the wording, grammar, and
> capitalization of these alerts, but as you say, the main problem is with
> two alert boxes appearing simultaneously in the first place. One of
> these comes from update-notifier and the other from Nautilus, but there
> is no hint of that, and even if there was it wouldn't be a good excuse.
> Unfortunately I can't really make a suggestion here without knowing what
> the automatically started software would do if it worked.

I'm pretty sure we need only 1 dialog, and it needs to cover the various 
use cases:

1) user inserts CD/DVD for the Ubuntu version they're running (packages 
on it might be slightly old, but should be mostly installable)
2) user inserts CD/DVD for an older Ubuntu version (packages are 
probably not installable)
3) user inserts CD/DVD for a newer Ubuntu version (packages are not 
installable, and a full on update-manager powered dist-upgrade is required)
4) user inserts CD/DVD for any of these, but for the wrong arch.

These all require some substantial work, so we should probably spec it 
out and discuss it a bit at UDS unless there's a good chunk of it done 
already that I'm unaware of.

Scott Ritchie

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