About Pidgin being labeled as "Pidgin Internet Messenger" in the application menu

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 25 10:22:04 BST 2008

Exsecrabilus Exsecrabilus [2008-09-23 15:56 +0000]:
> -Easy to do; a few seconds (or I assume.)

Well, not quite. Changing it will break all translations. Changing
user visible strings is always a nightmare because of this. For the
same reason we shouldn't patch it locally in Ubuntu only, but get an
agreement with upstream.

Also, we are in user interface freeze, so before changing it someone
needs to clear it up with the doc team.

> Why is Pidgin labeled "Pidgin --Internet Messenger--" when the section it is
> under is labeled "Internet" also, therefore making it redundant?
> It should be "Instant Messenger" as is the proper name accepted by all;
> Empathy labels it like so, so why not Pidgin?

I agree, that would make more sense and be more consistent. I don't
remember it being that ugly in Hardy, either.

If you want to drive this, please do (get ubuntu-doc approval, file an
upstream bug, get their ack, create a patch, get it sponsored). Please
yell here if you need help with any step.



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