new spec drafted: support for IR remote controls - comments needed!

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sun Sep 21 05:51:47 BST 2008

Hi Otto,

Otto Kekäläinen [2008-09-07 19:21 +0300]:
> I noticed that the IR remote control support in current Linux
> applications suck. Actually fixing the matter is quite easy, so I
> drafted a spec and a plan how to go about it:

I haven't personally played with LIRC, but if those devices behave
just like a normal evdev device, then using that directly and dropping
LIRC seems very elegant to me. Yay for consolidation and dropping
special case daemons. :-)

Did you actually try to patch rhythmbox, totem, or another app to
recognize those keycodes? I'd like to see what upstream says to that
proposal. In fact, maybe it can be made even more general by making
the GTK stock buttons for play/pause/etc. recognize those keys? Then
all GTK apps would work with that immediately.



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