New system sounds.

Mads Rosendahl madsrh at
Thu Sep 4 12:17:00 BST 2008

I'm the one who created the system sound this thread is discussing.
Ubuntu certainly needs new sounds and I will do my best to create a
new set. The sounds previous mentioned has a few problems to them and
that is why I would ask you not to use them as default sound. Also I
would like the chance to make a set or a suite of system sounds, that
hopefully will fit with the new Ubuntu theme.

I've made a first attempt witch has NOT been cut in length yet (lot's
of reverb and delay). This attempt is I my own opinion a little to
'Western' - using piano like sounds. What I was going for was a soft,
clean and perhaps timeless sound, although I would have liked some
kind of African reference. Anyway, check them out and post or email
your feedback.
Download it here:

Also, check out this site:


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