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Mikko Ohtamaa mikko at redinnovation.com
Thu Oct 30 12:38:25 GMT 2008


This is a little offtopic, but...

> that is a wrong statement, the launchpad nautilus bug has been closed
> because that's not a nautilus bug and such changes should be discussed
> on a mailing list where you will get comments on and not a bug tracker.
> the way to do that would be to copy some templates in the user
> directory, note that doing that automatically when adding an user has
> been decided against before because it's specific to GNOME and users
> doing server installation don't want those template for example.

Could we have a different state for this kind of things in Launchpad? A lot
of people get "offended" by invalid, since they assume that the bug is being
ignored. For example "being discussed" with a pointer to the discussion or
"finding a new home" when the bug is not against the correct product and the
new one has not been decided yet.

Where could I propose this kind of thing?

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