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Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 30 08:30:49 GMT 2008


On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 4:38 PM, A. Walton <awalton at gnome.org> wrote:
> I personally have no problem seeing Ubuntu ship a few default
> templates in /etc/skel/. From my GNOME point of view, I think it'd be
> a healthy thing to do, and I think distros have the good sense to
> manage what they put in there, even though it's not "recommended".

This is the problem right here. I think it's pretty uncontestable, for
the reasons that Michael Meeks states on the Gnome mailing list
thread, that having some templates in ~/Templates by default would
improve enormously the user experience. So, it's a valid bug. But,
it's been closed by the Ubuntu developer because we have one Gnome
developer, not even the nautilus maintainers, with a loud voice on a
thread on the Gnome mailing list saying it's a bad idea because he
doesn't trust distributors to do a good job to maintain a healthy list
of templates.

It seems plain to me having read the thread that the correct approach
here is for distros to take responsibility for this and ship some
templates in ~/Templates by default (whether using /etc/skel or other
technical means). It's only distros who have control over whether that
list of templates will get "cluttered" or not, so it's distros who can
keep it clean.

I think closing the bug was the wrong decision and I really hope that
it can be reconsidered as a potential feature for Ubuntu 9.04.

Matthew East
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF

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