Empty "Create Document" menu

petr bug petr.bug at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 16:21:00 GMT 2008


Basically I see the "Create Document" menu equivalent (in
abuse-ability sense) to the "Main Menu" (the one in top left for
launching all the applications). Any package or user that can add item
there can abuse it.

So if ugly distro or super-user clutter either of the menus then
super-user can clean it up using command line (kinda works now). If
the user lacks super-user capability then there is a difference: the
"Main Menu" has unprivileged mechanism (the "Main Menu" editor, in
Preferences/Main Menu) for disabling items while "Create Document"
does not.

2008/10/29 A. Walton <awalton at gnome.org>:
> It's perfectly supported as designed. Put some template in ~/Templates
> and enjoy. If you want to push it to new users, put it in
> /etc/skel/Templates and every new user gets them.

Where can user put the templates? To ~/Templates dir? No way, he/she
does not know that information!

Perhaps if we add item "Add or Remove Templates..." to the bottom of
the list which would open Nautilus with the directory. Or perhaps it
could open editor similar to the "Main Menu" editor. This may also
solve the problem when new application is installed and a new template
is created in /etc/skel/Templates but existing users do not see the

> Choice of menu items vs. Compulsory menu options. Hmm, tough choice eh?

[flame on]
That's the GNOME philosophy - a feature was made not configurable to
make it "just simple", if user does not like it then bad luck.
[flame off]


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