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Jason Taylor killerkiwi2005 at
Fri Oct 24 03:02:53 BST 2008

Would it be possible to get thumbnails for opendocuments to be produced by
nautilus, currently tracker produces them if you have thumbnail creation
enabled and tracker is running but nautilus could be made to do so with a
very small amount of work. (thunar, dolphin etc can already do this ) Open since
2005 :(

As I said there is already a binary (/usr/bin/tracker-thumbnailer) that can
produce the thumbnails, all that is needed is some keys in gconf and maybe
tweaking of tracker-thumbnailer to output the file to the location that
nautilus asks for, or a patch to nautilus to not require the output file...
(the gconf key has a output location that if not used triggers a thumbnail
fail response from nautilus)

Note also that all that the thumbnailer does is extract the existing
thumbnail image from the open document zip archive....

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