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2008/10/22 Dereck <dereck at>

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> I am wondering why an e-book of Dive Into Python is installed by default on
> all Ubuntu Desktop installations?
> I personally don't quite see the use to most users, even those who wishing
> to learn python. I myself downloaded a copy of this e-book from a google
> search because I didn't know it was already on my system long ago.
> The compressed package takes about half a meg and installed uses a little
> over 4 megs. It's not a great savings, but I think there are other things
> that could be of greater value to our users.

Good catch !
Even if this free book (LGPL IIRC) is a very good one, it's strange that
this one has been seeded as a dependency of ubuntu-desktop (maybe because
python is installed by default ?).

For your information, I am in touch with the French translator to update it
(it is becoming old and some fundamental notions like the object base class
are not taken into account) and publish it in a paper version. We will try
to push our changes back in the original (English one) version.

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