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Jeff web.kiddo at
Fri Oct 10 12:55:50 BST 2008

I'd like to voice my user opinion on the matter.

I use mist, even though it is fugly compared to Clearlooks, because it
is BLAZINGLY fast. The two are not even in the same "fruit family"
comparing them, especially if you are running at 1920x1200 and dealing
with webpages. For example, have, say, 30-50 tabs open in epiphany-gecko
(or Firefox, for that matter, but Ephy is faster for switching tabs
already, since you can use the mouse wheel scroll). With mist, tab
switches are instantaneous, with Clearlooks, it can take a second or so.

Same goes for painting windows (ex: switching workspaces with metacity).

Or scrolling webpages (especially gmail).

Mist makes a lot of sense on those
not-quadcore-with-a-512mb-intel-video-card scenarios, perhaps the other
gnome themes have their special usefulness in that regard too.
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